Mansour debuts for the Cedars

Australian-Born Mansour Elmasri Impresses in Lebanon U-20 Debut.

In an exciting turn of events, Australian-born football talent Mansour Elmasri recently made his debut for the Lebanon national team under 20’s. The young 17 year old athlete showcased his skills and proved his worth during the match against the United Arab Emirates (UAE), ending in a thrilling 2-2 draw. Mansour’s connection to Lebanon runs deep, as both of his parents were born in Tripoli, Lebanon. Despite being raised in Australia, Mansour has always felt a strong connection to his heritage and has been eagerly waiting for the opportunity to represent his ancestral country on the football field. Before his call-up to the Lebanon U-20 team, Mansour honed his skills at various clubs. He spent several seasons at the Western Sydney Wanderers, where he gained valuable experience and showcased his talent. Additionally, Mansour’s dedication led him to join the prestigious Australasian Soccer Academy for a remarkable three years, further enhancing his abilities. During his debut match, Mansour displayed great determination and skill, playing a solid 40 minutes against the formidable UAE team. His performance caught the attention of Tony Basha, the head of football, who expressed his excitement about Mansour’s potential. It is highly likely that Mansour will be selected to represent the Cedars in the upcoming Asia Youth Cup, further solidifying his promising football career. Mansour Elmasri’s impressive debut for the Lebanon U-20 team marks a significant milestone in his football journey. As he continues to make waves in the sport, Mansour’s dedication and passion for the game are sure to inspire aspiring young footballers both in Australia and Lebanon.

Stay tuned for more updates on Mansour Elmasri’s journey as he strives to reach new heights in the world of football.

Mansour in the starting 11 for Lebanon

Mansour is currently in Manchester.

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