Australian-Born Jackson Khoury Joins Lebanese National Team Camp

by: James Tannous

Date: 19/12/2023

Australian-born football sensation Jackson Khoury is set to join the Lebanese National team camp in Tripoli, Lebanon. After an outstanding season, where he was named Player of the Year for his club Tormento FC in the USA, Khoury 21has caught the attention of the Lebanese football authorities.

Australian Lebanese Team

Under the guidance of renowned football expert Tony Basha, Khoury has developed his skills and showcased his attacking prowess. Having been scouted during the Australian Lebanese team’s tour of Lebanon in 2022, Khoury’s exceptional performances have earned him a place in the national team camp.

Known for his lightning-fast speed and exceptional skills as an attacking winger, Khoury could potentially be selected to play against the Socceroos at CommBank Stadium in Parramatta. This opportunity presents a unique and exciting challenge for the Australian-born talent.

Expressing his gratitude, Tony Basha extended his thanks to Salah Haddad, who will be taking care of Khoury during his time in Lebanon. Khoury is expected to arrive in Beirut on December 18th and will have his first training session on December 20th.

Basha firmly believes that Khoury has the potential to be a true threat to the Socceroos. With his ability to break through defenses and turn the tide of the game, Khoury is expected to make a significant impact on the field.

The Australasian Soccer Academy eagerly awaits Jackson Khoury’s debut in the Lebanese national team and anticipates his contributions towards their success.

Jackson was in our Full-Time Program.

Jackson in Action

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