Jackson Khoury to Face Off Against Socceroos in World Cup Qualifier

Date: 19/3/2024

Author: Linda

In a highly anticipated match this Thursday, Australian footballer Jackson Khoury is set to play against the Socceroos, the national team of his country of birth. The game, a World Cup qualifier, will be held at CommBank Stadium in Parramatta and marks Khoury’s return to Australian soil since joining Tormenta FC in the USL in America.

Khoury, a skillful and speedy winger, has been making waves in the football world with his impressive performances. Despite missing out on an A-League scholarship at the Central Coast Mariners two seasons ago, Khoury holds no grudges and is excited to showcase his skills on the international stage against his country of birth.

The game against the Socceroos presents a unique opportunity for Khoury to prove himself and make a lasting impression. With his natural talent and determination, he is expected to be a handful for the Australian team if given the chance to debut.

Born to a Lebanese father, Khoury draws inspiration from his heritage and is proud to represent the Cedars on Thursday. His strong connection to Lebanon and his unwavering motivation will undoubtedly drive him to give his best on the field.

Football fans across the nation eagerly await this clash between Australia and the emerging talent of Jackson Khoury. As the game approaches, all eyes will be on the young winger, as he seeks to make his mark and contribute to his team’s success in this crucial World Cup qualifier.

Jackson Khoury Interview

Why did you chose to play for Lebanon?

Lebanon is a country and culture that is beautiful with amazing people which makes it so easy to represent the Lebanese people around the world.
It is known for many things but it’s not a county that is known for having a great football history but I think it’s time to change that and I hope when other Lebanese people see me representing the beautiful country it will help them choose to do the same in the future.
I am representing my roots

How did this whole journey come about ?

I was able to be apart of the Australasian soccer academy with Tony Basha who is an amazing coach and always believed in me. He was able to connect with people in Lebanon and take me on tour there to get looked at and showcase my self, which lead to me then getting called to national team camp a year later once I had my Lebanese passport

Jackson in Camp with the National Team
Jackson Khoury tacking instructions from Head Coach

You are currently playing in USL, how does this compare to the NPL in Sydney ?

Over here I would say it is a lot more well organized than the NPL is and alot more professional club wise as well. There is alot more exposer and the leagues are alot more competitive as well.

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