Adil Toska Signs with Central Coast Mariners

Title: Adil Toska Signs with Central Coast Mariners

In an exciting development for the football world, 18-year-old talent Adil Toska has officially signed with the Central Coast Mariners. Adil has consistently demonstrated great promise throughout his career, having been part of the academy for an impressive seven years. He began his journey in the structured term program and later transitioned into the full-time program.

Adil is known for his exceptional goal-scoring abilities, making him a valuable asset with a bright future ahead. Tony Basha, a mentor and supporter of Adil, always believed in his potential for greatness. The academy is immensely proud of Adil and his accomplishments.

Notably, Adil and Cristian Volpato stood out during the Asia tour five years ago, showcasing their talent and potential on an international stage.

The Central Coast Mariners are renowned for providing exceptional opportunities for their players, making it an ideal club for Adil’s development. It is highly anticipated that Adil will continue to grow and flourish within the club, potentially becoming a key player in the first team.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on Adil Toska’s journey with the Central Coast Mariners!

Adil pictured left from screen on Asia tour

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