Duke & Volpato shine on the International Stage

Headline: Academy Players Shine on International Stage

In an exciting morning of international football, two promising players from the academy made a significant impact for their respective national teams. Cristian Volpato showcased his skills and scored a crucial goal for Italy in the Euro qualifiers, while Mitch Duke displayed his prowess by scoring a first-half double for the Socceroos in the World Cup qualifier.

The academy staff and supporters couldn’t be prouder of their achievements, as it reflects the success of their training and development programs. These outstanding performances on the international stage highlight the academy’s commitment to nurturing young talent and preparing them for high-level competition.

Tony Basha, the academy coach, expressed his utmost happiness and pride in the boys’ performances. Their success not only brings glory to their national teams but also serves as inspiration for aspiring players in the academy. Tony Basha’s satisfaction and pride are a testament to the hard work and dedication put in by both players.

Overall, it was a resounding morning for the academy, with their players shining brightly and making a significant impact at the international level. The academy’s commitment to nurturing young talents has once again been proven, and their success serves as a source of motivation for future generations of aspiring footballers.

Mitch Duke Celebrating

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