Australasian Soccer Academy undefeated in South East Asia

The Australasian soccer academy has had an impressive run, going undefeated in their recent matches. This success is a testament to the effectiveness of their full-time training program, which has players training five mornings a week. The academy’s team from Sydney played five matches in both Singapore and Thailand, showcasing their skills on an international stage.

Xavier Dalpra stood out during the tour, leading the line with some brilliant goals and proving to be a constant menace to the opposition. Another standout player was Karim Elmasri, who controlled the midfield throughout the tour. Despite his small stature, Elmasri proved to be a constant problem for the opposing team.

We must also acknowledge the contributions of young players Abednago and Lucas Leiva, who played their part in the matches. Their participation and performance added to the success of the team.

Director Tony Basha, with his extensive experience in traveling to this part of the world, showed his expertise by leading the team to victory in challenging conditions.

Overall, this tour has been a great success for everyone involved. The academy’s undefeated record and the impressive performances of the players demonstrate the positive impact of their full-time training program.

Xavier Dalpra in Action

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