Australasian Soccer academy head coach Tony Basha and 20 players from the academy rubbed shoulders with some of the best players in the world.


ASA players witnessed something others will never see in their lifetime, Watching Christiano Ronaldo and the Madrid first team and train.


not only did they watch them train, but also meet and greet the players after there session.


ASA  players were shocked to actually see and meet the players, it was a surreal feeling for some.


Head coach Tony Basha told the ASA website he learnt alot about football just spenidng three hours with the best club in the world, Basha has worked closely and spent some time with Manchester City &Sporting Lisbon to name a few.


This was just another world he said.  i was lucky enough to have a 45 minute conversation with head coach Carlo Ancelotti’s about how he does things in his office.



Australasian Soccer Academy was the first Australian to meet and greet the Real Madrid players and Staff.


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