Congratulations and Welcome to The Australasian Soccer Academy.

On behalf of the staff at Australasian Soccer Academy, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you. We are excited to have you as part of our family.

The Australasian soccer academy has a rich history of educating and training young players to help them achieve their goals as professional soccer players. We believe that each and every student contributes directly to our growth and success. We hope you take pride in becoming a member of our team.

You will find in this handbook and Policy manual the terms and conditions to be followed and the high expectations of all our students. We ask that all parents and students read through and familiarise themselves with our guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information in this handbook, please email our administration at

We look forward to enhancing your skills and offering a challenging but rewarding journey.

Yours Sincerely

ASA Management and Staff

Australasian Soccer Academy

Student / Parent Commitment Form

As you now have become a valued member of the Australasian Soccer Academy, it is key to ensure you are provided with all relevant information required in regards to our academy and all policies and guidelines.

It is required that you read and understand all the information outlined in this handbook. 

It is required that you fully understand all the information outlined and agree to abide by all the policies and regulations

If you do not understand any part of the handbook, please feel free to contact us via email at

By checking this box, I understand it is my responsibility to read through the Australasian Soccer Academy handbook. I agree to obtain a copy of this handbook for any future references.

I understand it is my responsibility to ensure my child is aware of the contents of this handbook by explaining to them in terms they are able to understand (referring to any child under the age of 18)

I understand that this handbook may be updated from time to time and that I will receive a copy of any new versions via email.

Australasian Soccer Academy Policy and Procedure Manual

Your Future is with Us

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Address: PO BOX 2609, North Parramatta, NSW 1750

Phone: 1300 228 568


This booklet contains:

  • Our company Mission Statement
  • Player History
  • Information in relation to our training sessions and coaching staff
  • Acceptable code of conduct for students and parents
  • Guidelines for students
  • Equipment and safety guidelines
  • Fee information and attendance guidelines

Our Mission Statement

Australasian Soccer Academy commits itself to the highest standards in its field and always looks upon maintaining a professional standard through commitment and involvement by everyone in its team to ensure a successful academy.

Student History

Thank you for providing the details of your past training and experience on your application. We rely on this honest information to ensure a smooth transition into the coaching program. We understand situations may change and request any new information that may affect the students ability to train. This will ensure coaches can adapt to certain circumstances and continue to provide the best training for all students under their care.

Training sessions and staff

Australasian Soccer Academy offers training 4 nights a week for ages 4 – 14 and 3 nights a week for ages 15 – 20. Package pricing ranges from 1 to 5 nights and all sessions are run by our highly qualified coaching staff. 

Our training grounds are King Park, Merrylands and Doyle Ground North Parramatta.

Wet Weather ASC Sports Centre, Clyde

Striker Training

Friday night sessions are exclusive to 10 years and up and has full focus on striker training. These programs run on a 4-week or monthly basis

School Holiday Clinics

We also offer fun but intense holiday clinics run during the school holidays. These clinics allow the student to continue their training year round with our exceptional coaching staff and run for 3 day time sessions each week.

Student Guidelines and Procedures

The following information, guidelines and procedures have been implemented to ensure the safety of all students, parents and staff and to ensure the smooth running of all our training sessions. This handbook may be subject to updates from time to time. All updated manuals will be emailed to you from our admin staff as required.

Student training information and requirements 

Group Allocation

We do not base our group allocation on age but on the level of skill the student displays. Our groups are 

  • Elite
  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
  • Beginners

The student’s trial session is the initial guideline for the coaches’ group allocation. Testing and grading takes place on the first week of each term at which point all students will be reassessed and all groups will be revised. We appreciate your confidence in our coaching staff and their ability to assign each student in the appropriate level.

Training sessions run for:

  • 1 Hour for class 1 (4-14 year old)
  • 1/ ½ Hours for Class 2 (15-23 year old)

If for any reason a training session has to be cancelled, we will increase the above training times by ½ Hour on nominated weeks until the session has been made up

It is important to ensure all students are prepared for each training session by arriving at least 10 minutes early and meeting the following requirements:

  • Full ASA issued Training attire including tracksuit and bag with name clearly marked
  • ASA Issued training ball with name clearly marked
  • Appropriate shin pads
  • Drink bottle
  • Any medication that may be required during training session. For example Asthma puffer.
  • No jewellery or watches are to be worn whilst training 

Any students arriving late by 15 minutes or more may not be eligible to train, as the important warming up process will have already taken place. Discipline is very important therefore if these guidelines are not met, it may result in the student being unable to train or in some cases being assigned to only participate in the fitness component of the training session. 


Australasian Soccer Academy is committed to providing a safe environment for all our students, parents and staff. The Safety of our students is paramount and all precautions are taken to ensure students are trained within safety guidelines. We ensure all equipment used is done so in a safe manner and ensure a certified first aid officer is on site at all times. It is important that:

  • Students do not intentionally act in a manner that could lead to injury of another student or staff
  • Students or parents do not handle the equipment unless shown the safest way to 
  • No equipment should be used in any other way apart from its primary use
  • All parents are to abide by the safe distance guidelines stated in the For Parents component

First Aid

If an injury occurs during a training session, the student must notify the coach immediately. Our van is fitted with a first aid kit that will be administered by our first aid officer on site. An injury form will also be filled out for our records.


The list of fees per package per term can be found on a separate attachment. This list contains our 4 package options and fees for the one off uniform payment. Our fees are structured in a school term calendar and are due by the final week of the previous term.  Please refer to our app for information of when new term fees are available to be made. If full payment has not been made by the nominated date, the student’s position will not be secured.

At present fees can be made:

  •  On site with admin staff through credit card transactions, EFT or cash.
  •  Direct debits can be made accompanied with an email to containing reference number and students name

Please be advised our fees are not negotiable and are inclusive of GST.

Please note we are unable to reduce or adjust our term fees for students who decide to register once term has commenced.


We understand at times the student may be unable to train due to illness or injury. If you know your child will be absent from any training session for these reasons or any other, please email us. This gives us the opportunity to adjust our coaching staff levels.

If the student is unable to train due to illness or injury, our company policy is to offer make-up session. These will be arranged upon approval by management. Please provide a doctor’s certificate stating the date of the missed session. You can deliver this to the admin staff on site or email a scanned copy to . An email will be sent to you with approval and 2 training options to choose from. It is important you reply to this email with the date that suits best for the make-up session so coaching staff levels can be adjusted if necessary. If the student chooses not to attend their nominated make up session, then this opportunity is void and no further make up sessions will be offered. If a pattern of missed sessions becomes apparent, you will receive an email inviting you to discuss this with management to ensure the student has no underlying medical or emotional issues that may need to be made aware of.

Family Holidays

In regards to family holidays we follow the same guidelines as schools. We request that you endeavour to avoid taking holidays during the academy terms. Our training programs are designed to enhance the students’ skills and missed sessions will interfere with their development and fitness. However, we do recognise that this may be unavoidable from time to time. Unfortunately, we are unable to reduce our term fees or provide make up sessions for students missing lessons due to recreational activities.

We understand that family circumstances can sometimes change which may make it difficult for the student to attend. We are sympathetic to these and are more than happy to discuss any extraordinary issues that may arise. Please email us at to organise a time to discuss any delicate issues.


Uniform orders are placed once payment has been received. There is normally a 2 week turn around for orders to be delivered at which time the student will receive

  • Training jersey
  • Training Shorts
  • Tracksuit Jacket
  • Tracksuit pants
  • Backpack
  • Socks
  • Ball

Training ball will be issued on day of registration providing the uniform fee has been paid in full. This kit must be worn to every training session.

Extra training attire is available to purchase. Please see admin staff on site or email order through along with payment reference and receipt.

Policies Of Conduct

Discrimination and Harassment Policy.

We apply a strict No Tolerance policy with regards to Discrimination and Harassment. Our management have the right to approach situations that involve any form of harassment or discrimination. If a student, parent or staff are found to be in breach of this policy, please be advised that our management team will be forced to take appropriate action which may include a period of suspension or expulsion from the academy.

Discrimination may be any selection, exclusion or preference made on the basis of an individual’s sex, race, sexuality, ethnicity, age or religion. Discrimination may be overt and direct or subtle and indirect


Harassment is any form of behaviour that is not wanted or asked for that humiliates, offends or intimidates a person. Any form of discrimination or harassment through actions, signals or words, including jokes, will not be tolerated at the Academy.

If you become aware of any conduct that is possibly discriminatory or could amount to unlawful harassment, you should advise coaching staff to ensure it is dealt with in a timely and confidential manner. 

Bullying Policy

Australasian Soccer Academy holds a No Tolerance stand on any form of Bullying. No student, parent or staff member should experience bullying within the Academy environment. If a breach of this policy occurs, please be advised that our management will be forced to take appropriate action which may include a period of suspension or expulsion from the Academy.

Bullying To use Superior strength or influence to intimidate someone, typically to force them to do or experience something that they are not comfortable with.

Matters of serious Misconduct

Australasian Soccer Academy will not tolerate any serious breaches of laws and policies including 

  • Theft and dishonesty
  • Any violence towards fellow students, coaching staff or fellow parents

Please be aware that any breach of these rules will result in extreme measures being taken. This may include immediate suspension or expulsion from the academy without any form of reimbursement of fees and/or the notifying of the appropriate authorities.

Photos of your child may be used for advertising material

Your child’s photo may appear on our website or advertising material.

No Changing Session Nights Once You Have Registered

No player is to change a registration night without a valid reason. This means if a player is registered for a Monday night session & fails to attend for any reason. That player may not join in another night session without being registered to that night.  

Please speak to management if you Circumstances change. 

For Parents

We trust your decision to enrol your child with the Australasian Soccer Academy depicts your confidence in our training staff and program. Therefore, we request you refrain from questioning assessment or training methods throughout any attended session. If you have any major concerns with regards to our sessions or your child’s development, feel free to speak with admin staff on sight or email our office for a time to discuss your concerns.

We accommodate parent’s wishes to observe the training sessions although we do request the following guidelines to be followed

  • Parents are to remain outside the set boundaries of each training session
  • Parents are required to abide by all policies set out in this manual with regards to discrimination, harassment and bullying toward students, other parents and staff
  • Parents are not authorised to approach students or coaching staff during training sessions
  • Parents must refrain from coaching from the sidelines or attempting to distract theirs or any other student during a training session.
  • Parents must ensure they have the ASA app downloaded and updated to receive notifications, as this is our only form of communication between management and parents. The best avenue to take if you have a concern or question is to raise it with the admin staff either on site or via email. We will ensure your inquiry is answered promptly by the appropriate staff member including our head coach and director Tony Basha
  • Parents who choose to leave during the training sessions must ensure they arrive back to the training area on time to collect their child as we are unable to take responsibility for the student after the session concludes.

Please note:  As part of the Australasian Soccer Academy family, we appreciate your loyalty to our academy and its reputation. Any parent or student found intentionally tarnishing the Academy’s reputation on ASA grounds or in the public eye might be subject to actions taken including immediate suspension or expulsion of the student or in extreme cases lawful action may be taken. If you have any concerns with regards to the operation of our business or our training curriculum, please notify us via email to set a convenient time to discuss.