ASA pride themselves on attitude & respect, through our very highly qualified coaching staff from Europe. We have the state of the art facility for all football needs. We have enjoyed the benefit of the facility that allows us to train and play rain, hail or shine. This is then backed up by the curriculum that is put in place by the coaching staff inline with the requirements from the Spanish Football Federation. It is key that within this program the key areas are outlined and enforced at the basic level and updated as football evolves on the field.

For any program to be a success it has to be backed by the coaches and staff. A lot of time is taken when creating the program, schedules and selecting the coaches that will participate in our Academy. We insure our youth are taught the basic skills early to maximise their potential in the future and put them on the front foot when competing at any level. Each coach has a specific goal each year and is reviewed throughout the year. 

All of this would not be possible without the players; the Australasian Soccer Academy run a trial process for selections for any of our academy classes and part of that is the attitude and behaviour & if the player is coachable.


4 years – 13 years
13 years – 21 years



These groups are selected on the player’s ability and will be coached accordingly to the player’s needs. All players will also have the chance to work there way up to the elite squads.

All our groups range from 10-12 players per group, which means all players get special attention at all sessions. The ability to be identified within this structure gives the player the opportunity to be promoted as required to speed up his development or also focus on specific areas of need.

Be warned ASA does not affiliate themselves with any other programs run within the Sydney Area.

We are Number 1!!!

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